First Massage? What to Expect

If you have never had a massage before and you are apprehensive about receiving your first massage, understand that you only need a little information.

For Your First Visit

waiting-roomArrive 15 minutes early so you may fill out a consent and intake form.  The intake forms provide the massage therapist with important information, regarding any health issues or allergies, etc.  to better serve your needs.

You will be directed to the room, informed by the therapist whether to begin in the supine (lying on back)  or prone (lying face down) position.  You will then undress (to the level you are most comfortable,  remove any jewelry and turn off your phone.

During the Massage

deep-tissue-massageOnce on the table, covered by the sheet/blanket, the therapist will knock on the door and ask if you are ready.  The massage therapist will use the linens to cover the areas not being worked (draping), allowing for the most privacy.  About half way through the massage (if it’s a full body massage)  the therapist will hold the sheet up as you flip to the opposite position, face up or down, depending on how you started.

During the massage be sure and communicate that the level of pressure is okay or that you would like to increase or decrease the pressure.  Everyone is different and the therapist needs to know what is comfortable for you.

After the Massage

Once the massage is over the massage therapist will  let you know and leave the room to allow you to redress.  Leaving a tip for the therapist is customary but not a requirement.  It can be left in cash or added to the credit card charge during checkout.

Once you are home, drink plenty of water and if you had any deep tissue bodywork it’s helpful to take an Epsom salt bath because massage is a passive workout.


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